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Undercover Security Officers
Undercover security officers can be used to help stop business crimes such as shoplifting or at events to help prevent people from disturbing peaceful situations. Undercover security officers are also known as loss prevention officers and many retail stores use them to ensure that people who are stealing get caught.

Undercover security officers are also often used by celebrity security personal who wish to seem as though they are not protected as to maintain their public image but are heavily secured by security officers, yet no one can tell. They are great for events, parties, transportation, or public appearances.

Several things to take into consideration when hiring undercover security officers are the following:

1. When will the undercover security officers be there?
2. How many undercover security officers should you have?
3. Do the undercover security officers know who to contact in case of emergency?
4. Does the undercover security officer have the proper equipment for the proper situation?
5. There are plenty of other things that should be considered when hiring an undercover security officer?

Executive Protection Security Officer
Chaires Security Agency believes that executive protection should encompass more than a presence. Our personnel are trained to be interactive facilitators; to professionally ensure that all aspects of the client's protection and security are addressed.

Whether you're a celebrity doing a brief appearance, a dignitary on vacation or a corporate executive participating in a week-long conference. Chaires Security Agency is always prepared to provide all required security services.

Executives of any corporation or business have incredible amounts of responsibility on their shoulders. Often times, they find themselves a target, so they must resort to hiring executive protection security officers. These executives should be protected and secure at all times. Executive security officers can help prevent assaults, hassling, disturbance etc. There have been countless of times whether it is in government or business that many people have disagreed with these executives and have not liked their ideas, and unfortunately has lead to assaults and even deaths.

Event Security Officer

Special events consist of many people and also a lot of the time has alcohol involved. Special event security officers should always be present at these events. Special event security officers can monitor everyone and know who is coming in or going out throughout the night. Special event officers can also monitor the event grounds as well to make sure everything is running smoothly.

Event security requires careful planning. We offer perimeter protection, ticket collectors, and parking attendants to suit any type of event... Our security officers can operate in teams providing a safe environment for an enjoyable experience.

Chaires Security Agency specializes in securing events that require a high profile security presence. Whether you are hosting a sporting match, concert, or other entertainment event, it is important that the spectators who attend are focused on enjoying themselves and not preoccupied with worrying about their safety.

Consumer examples include trade shows, exhibitions, sporting events, live music concerts, conferences and weddings. Security techniques are tailored to fit the need.

Chaires Security Agency provides each client with a management team specifically tailored to meet the needs of your event. Chaires Security Agency prides itself on providing experienced account managers who have proven track records in event security.

Chaires’ Security Agency provides fully Florida licensed, trained security officers and personnel. Our team can help maintain a secure environment for your company and its employees.

Chaires Security Agency security officers are recruited and selected based on their professional demeanor, attitude, abilities and experience.

Our officers undergo comprehensive background screening, criminal record checks, and fingerprinting and drug tests.

At Chaires Security Agency, we pride ourselves on having quality officers with proven abilities to problem solve. We know what you expect from a security service and strive to exceed that expectation.

Chaires Security Agency is qualified to provide security solutions customized to meet your specific needs. Our team of professionals consists of State of Florida certified security officers, law enforcement and military trained personnel.

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